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David Jameson

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The Seminal Contributions of Gregorio Weber to Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Protein Chemistry

David Jameson


Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA


During the last few decades, fluorescence spectroscopy has evolved from a narrow, highly specialized technique into an important discipline widely utilized in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences. As in all scientific disciplines, the development of modern fluorescence spectroscopy has benefited from the contributions of many individuals from many countries. However, one individual, Gregorio Weber, can be singled out for his outstanding and far-reaching contributions to this field. This chapter will briefly outline aspects of Gregorio Weber’s life and times and discuss some of his more important contributions to the fluorescence field. Some of his more important contributions to the field of protein chemistry will also be discussed. In addition to the facts of Weber’s life and work, I shall also interject several anecdotes from my personal experience with him, which will serve to illustrate his outstanding personality and character.

David Jameson
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